giovedì 6 settembre 2012

World Week for the Abolition of Meat 2012.

VALLE del BIOLOCCO is very active this year.
We'll have Veg dinner, EAT-IN, meeting and music from Germany and all Italy. From the Rhine river till the the Ionian Sea.
***First VEG DINNER and EAT-IN will be THURSDAY the 13th in COLOGNE (Germany) with a beautiful view of the Rhein from the 19th floor;

***On Sunday the 23th "VEGGIE STREEET FOOD" during "InEco" meeting (Influenze Ecosostenibili) a Conversano (Ita);

***From the 24th till the 28th VEGGIE DINNER, Meeting and music in the beautiful Land of Tuscany (Ita);

***On SAturday the 29th big Veggie party and YOGA in Neaples (ITa).

Info Germany, Tuscany and Neaples: Marici +39.334.8328297
facebook: Marilena Marici Nardelli

Info Puglia: Giuseppe 329.1384042 facebook Valle Delbiolocco

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